A Comprehensive Equipment Guide for Your Tree Service Business Startup

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As the owner of a tree cutting business startup, one of the key areas you need to concentrate on is the quality of service you give your customers. With a high degree of customer service and competitive pricing, chances of you establishing your brand in the market you operate in are very high. In a bid to offer quality tree cutting services, workmanship and the type of equipment you use is critical.

Some of the main equipment required to do the job are somewhat expensive, but since they form an integral part of your core business, you have to put your money into getting them. As an option, you can also enter into a lease arrangement.

The following are some of the must-have tree cutting equipment if your business is to get off the ground.


Felling trees doesn’t come easy, but a decent chainsaw can make the task relatively manageable. For small trees, an axe can do the job but for larger trees, you will need either an electric or gas-powered chainsaw.

Gas-powered chainsaws are considered to be more mobile, but the challenge in operating them lies in determining the correct ratio of oil to gas. Some people tend to cross out gas-powered chainsaws because of the impact they have on the environment and the fact that you have to pay an extra amount for gas.


For trees that are extremely tall, cutting them would mean roping them down. Ladders play an important part in enabling you to reach the higher parts of the tree. Metallic ladders that can be folded will serve you well because of their portability.

Safety Equipment

When using a chainsaw or an axe, protection should be a priority. Some of the safety equipment you should consider investing in are work boots, work gloves, a hard hat, and ear and eye protection devices.

Axe and Wedges

Small trees or those that are rotten can be easily brought down by the help of an axe. Get a high quality model that can retain sharpness even after hitting hardwood components. Wedges especially when used together with chainsaws and axes can make the entire process much easier.

Always remember to have a first aid kit just in case of minor accidents or emergencies.

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